Whether it is the care, testing, counseling, or treatment of our patients, our philosophy is simple. Patients come first!

Time is on our side
Since 1984 we have been providing these services to our patients and our members.

How can OTOhealth make a difference?
It is our aim to help your practice deliver a better hearing healthcare experience for your patients without restricting the technology and business services that are available to you. We are not a hearing aid manufacturing company but rather an alliance of partners, available to bridge the connections and to provide you a better, more confident way to make the right decisions. At OTOhealth we help facilitate the delivery of excellence, while maintaining your requirements as a small business owner.


We understand that the industry business structures currently in place may limit you and prevent you from achieving greater success. Our ongoing goal is to provide you with a complete, unique and tailored solution, allowing you to improve and streamline your practice’s business processes.

Our Patients Come First
OTOhealth believes in a simple notion – that audiology professionals, hearing practitioners and ENT specialists could be helping their patients more and could be building more successful practices by listening to their patient’s needs better and having access to better competitive marketing programs, practice management tools and financial resources.

If you are interested in becoming an OTOhealth member, please contact us. Within 24 hours, an OTOhealth specialist will be in touch.

If you have any further questions, please call 866.686.4325 or visit our contact page.